Old And Antique Lure Prices

These Are Some of The Prices I pay for Old Lures

1. Heddon Wood Lures $50.00-$1,000.00

2. Heddon Plastic Lures $10.00-$50.00

3. Creek Chub (CCBCo) Wood Lures $20.00-$500.00

4. Shakespeare Wood Lures $30.00-$600.00

5. Paw Paw Wood Lures $10.00-$100.00

6. Pflueger Wood Lures $20.00-$500.00

7. Southbend Wood Lures $10.00-$200.00

8. Other Companies- Moonlight, Hastings,Woods,Clark, Detroit,Experts, And Many others too many to list $30.00- $1,000.00

I Hope This is Some Help If you have any Questions Or lures too Sell Please give me a call Mike Rolf  (216)226-7533 Or drop me an E-Mail mike@oldlures.orgAlways looking for Empty Boxes And Paper Work also Store Displays and Advertising. Here is a Link to Free Appraisal Page

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